Stay young, free and …………wild!!!

First and foremost, you need to know:
  • I am not a writer or blogger – I just love writing and sharing useful information
  • I am not a traveler – I just love moving around the Earth
  • I am not a reader – I just love books
Secondly, you can feel comfortable with my articles:

All of my articles are based on my real experience. Technically, the articles are not guides or instructions for you to follow. They just show you how a girl makes her life and journeys adorable and unforgettable. Maybe you can find another way to look at things through her writings

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Life takes place when you start following your dreams

From my favorite song:

Sometimes the world seems against you
The journey may leave a scar
But scars can heal and reveal just
Where you are


                                                             —————-From HanZuk with love and respect —————-