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The journey to the most beautiful village in England

By on 06/07/2020

I had always been thinking of Cotswold which is known as the most beautiful village in England. Actually Cotswold is quite a big area, and the main attractions are scattered and far from one another. Hence, to explore entirely, you have to spend days.

Because of the time restriction, I…

Destinations Experience and Tips

Étretat – A great creation from the Mother Nature

By on 16/08/2019

Following my trip to Paris- you can read it here, I took the bus to La Harve which is a small port city located in the Normandy region of northwestern France to see my Courchsurfing friend, Alex. He is a local there.

La Harve is not a touristic city, but it is…

My VietNam The South

Need a stunning place for camping? Why not Masara?

By on 30/07/2018

Masara is situated in Ta Nang ward, Duc Trong District, Lam Dong Province (close to Da Lat). Masara Cultural Village, which has many desolate hills hidden in mist, combined with cool weather, is considered a perfect camping point for the young on weekends.

Here, the residential area is scattered at…

Destinations The South

It’s time for trekking

By on 26/07/2018

Vietnam has always been one of the targeted destinations in Asia for travelers around the world.

You can do road trips with motorbike along the country without international driving license
3G/4G is always available on the way
Many kinds of accommodations are ready to serve
Everything is relatively cheap



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Vietnamese snacks (part 1)

By on 15/12/2017

After I published the article Vietnamese food “bucket list”, my friends still keep asking me “ how about Vietnamese snacks ?” 😀 😀 😀 It is not a bad idea to talk about Vietnamese snacks I think.

In Vietnamese, snack is called “món ăn vặt”. You can search for it…


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Vietnamese food “bucket” list

By on 13/12/2017

In my opinion, I totally agree that food is one of the most important experiences when we travel. Each country has its own traditional cuisine. Well, I would say that Vietnamese food is really diversified and super delicious –not because I am Vietnamese; many of my foreigners think so…


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The South

“Little Sahara” trekking trip in BàuTrắng- get out of your boring view

By on 03/06/2017

You are new to Vietnam? Or you have come to Vietnam many times? You are true backpacker? You are tired of seeing tall building, lines of bustling vehicles or very common sightseeing places, and you are yearning for something new to make your journey unforgettable? Hence, this article is…


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