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Need a stunning place for camping? Why not Masara?

By on 30/07/2018

Masara is situated in Ta Nang ward, Duc Trong District, Lam Dong Province (close to Da Lat). Masara Cultural Village, which has many desolate hills hidden in mist, combined with cool weather, is considered a perfect camping point for the young on weekends.

Here, the residential area is scattered at the foot of the hill, so travelers can easily buy necessary stuff for camping such as fresh water, food and lighters in small grocery stores, before entering the campground which is almost completely isolated from the outside world. The special thing about this place is that the grass will change colors according to seasons. In the dry season when I visited, the grass looks like it is burned and turns yellow. However, in the spring, the hill is brightened up as the grass changes its color to pink!!! We call it “Pink Grass Hill”

The road leading to the campsite occasionally appears some “lonely” trees along with the monotony of the sky, making the scene so submerged in melancholy and forgetfulness.

View from Tahine coffe – on the way to Masara

How to get there

The way to Masara is quite easy. You can come there by motorbike or buses. I went there by motorbike with my friend group. If you go by bus, you may need to hike to the camping site.

You can search “Thôn văn hoa Masara” for direction on Google map and ask for more information on the way.

My camping group


  • Masara is highland, so the weather is rather cold especially at night
  • There is a waterfall nearby
  • Make sure you bring enough water and food
  • Careful when you make campfire especially in dry season
  • Bring hammocks to enjoy

  • Don’t leave anything except your footprints

Hope you guys like my suggestion and share with me your trips in Vietnam ^^