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Étretat – A great creation from the Mother Nature

By on 16/08/2019

Following my trip to Paris- you can read it here, I took the bus to La Harve which is a small port city located in the Normandy region of northwestern France to see my Courchsurfing friend, Alex. He is a local there.

La Harve is not a touristic city, but it is a place where everyone has to pass to go to Etretat by road. From La Harve, you can take an hour bus to Etretat. However, I and Alex decided to cycle there – roughly 5 hours. I was convinced because Alex already made a cycle trip there, and he said the trail is stunning. That is how the story began =))

There is a separate trail for cyclists, so I feel quite safe and confident.  To be honest, I did not think that I could make the trip because for such a long time I have not cycled. However, I could not resist the temptation from the adventure. Finally I did it with much help from my dear friend. 🙂


Etretat is a popular destination so you can find lots of restaurants and accommodations. So do not worry!

The best part of visiting this city is wandering around the cliffs. The view is awesome. However, there are no safeguards, you must be careful.

Check out my gallery below for my amazing moment in this city.