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The journey to the most beautiful village in England

By on 06/07/2020

I had always been thinking of Cotswold which is known as the most beautiful village in England. Actually Cotswold is quite a big area, and the main attractions are scattered and far from one another. Hence, to explore entirely, you have to spend days.

Because of the time restriction, I decided to visit Castle Combe in Chippenham only. It was possible for a day trip and quite close to London.

About transportation, I took a GWR train from London Paddington to Chippenham. The journey is around 70 minutes. Then from the station, you can either take the bus or Uber to go to the village center. I paid 3.9 pounds to the village, and 2.5 pounds to come back. If you plan to go by bus, you have to mind their schedule. There are no buses on Sundays and Bank holidays. The buses take 30 minutes from the station to the village center. The ride is comfortable and nice. Sometimes, you may feel like you are going to a National Park or crossing a pass full of trees on the sides. There are many routes. You can go to Castle Combe or Lacock from here. I took the bus 35A to Castle Combe. The buses run every two hours, and the earliest one is at 10:16 and the last one is at 17:46, and the buses are less on Saturday. Hence, make sure you check the bus schedule before traveling to avoid unnecessary waiting.

The village is pretty small. Only 20 mins – you can walk around the whole area. There is only one restaurant at the entrance to the village. It looks quite nice although I did not give it a try. Close to the monument, you will find a cute homemade cake and ice-cream shop. You must try the ice-cream. It was super nice and the owner is really welcoming.

The restaurant in Castle Combe

The ice-cream shop

Then I walked through the main street to enjoy the village and took lots of photos. There are no commercial activities in the village. You cannot find any souvenirs, just some local people living here in ancient lovely cottages. Also, there is a nice church in the middle for its believers.

If you are planning to stay over, no worries, there are accommodation: The Castle Inn and the Manor House which is very big and beautiful. However, most of the properties are private, so you have to check if you are allowed to access it.

To be honest, the trip was not really exciting as I expected. I thought it is a bustling village with “old-lifestyle” locals. Actually, it was quiet and not many locals to see, more tourists instead. However, it is still a nice memory for my England collection. Highly recommended for those who are looking for ancient attractions and nice photos.

Always love to share my experience with you guys.