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Where to see cherry blossoms in London

By on 07/05/2020

Personally, spring is my favorite season. Since I moved to London, this is the second time I have enjoyed this beautiful time in the year. And I think I love it because of the cherry blossoms.

The queen flowers are blooming and bring their pure beauty to the city. From where I come, there are no cherry blossoms. That could be the reason why I am so excited to see them and adore every single pedal. The best time to see those cuties is late March and early April. Different kinds of cherry blossoms bloom at different times. Normally, they will last for about two weeks.

In London, there are many spots that you can enjoy cherry blossoms. But the most scenic view probably is from the parks with endlessly stretching green grass.  Some parks you would not miss include Regent Park which is 5 minutes from my home; Greenwich Park, Kew Garden, St John’s Wood Park, St Paul Cathedral.

                                          Near Golders Green tube station

Specific streets with cherry blossom:

  1. Redcliffe Road, Chelsea.
  2. Courtfield Gardens, South Kensington
  3. Vallance Road, Whitechapel
  4. Blithfield Street, Kensington

I think for those who love taking pictures cannot miss this season. You will have tons of stunning photos like me 🙂

In Regent Park

However, this year, the pandemic named Corona flu stops me from moving around. Hence I just went around the Chelsea area, Regent Park and Golders Green. Yet I got a lot of nice cherry blossom views which I will show you later in the post.

At Chelsea

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I would love to hear where is your favorite spot to view blossoms